Article III Books is the publishing imprint of the Supreme Court Historical Society, a private non-profit educational organization.

Article III Books released its first publication in December 2017:

Table for 9: Supreme Court Food Traditions
and Recipes

by Clare Cushman

Foreword by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Food traditions have always been important at the Supreme Court as the Justices have purposefully sought occasions to break bread together to reinforce cordiality and cooperation. This book provides a fascinating glimpse into the culinary customs at the Court with behind-the- scenes photographs and stories of the Justices together at lunch in their private dining room, at their welcome and farewell dinners, at the White House, in the Court cafeteria, and with their clerks in Chambers. It features recipes associated with the Justices and their families, from John Marshall’s Quoit Club Punch to Mrs. Neil M. Gorsuch’s English Marmalade, and reveals the culinary predilections of individual Justices and how they have sustained themselves off the bench.

Price: $22.99

About the Author Clare Cushman

ISBN 978-0- 692-97770- 5